Royal Tours

The splendor of Taj Mahal, forts, palaces, temples, architecture with deserts steeped in stories of love and valor.

Indian Wildlife Tours

A tour of "tiger country" a superb blend of the Indian "pot-pourie". Forts, Taj, temples of Khajuraho & Bird life of Bharatpur.

Call Of The Mountain
A Safari through second highest motorable pass in the world at 17582 ft. and the highest village in the world at 14800 ft.
Indian Festivals

The exuberance of Indian festivals are all out affairs. May it be Diwali the festival of light, or Holi the festival of colours

Indian Village Tours

Experience the spirit of true India. Participate in the day today activities of the villagers or just observe the village life.

Indian Art & Cultural Tours

India art & culture from the cave period to the 3rd century Buddha Stupas 8th century architecture, temple sculptures & centophas

Adventure Tours / Safaries

The rough with the smooth, known with the unknown, luxury hotels with camps. Unfolding a whole New World of adventure.

Stress Busters

Relax the mind and body with yoga or game of golf at a 100 year old course, camp in wildlife park or raft down the Ganga

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